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Son sponsoring father

I have been an ardent reader of the Arab Times for the last 22 years, especially the Legal Clinic. I seek clarification for my below enquiry. I am 61 years old and will be soon retiring from my job. My eldest son is working here in a local bank and drawing around 1,000 dinars per month. My wife is on my sponsorship and may join soon as a mentor in a local school.

In case if she gets the job she has to work a minimum of 2 years there and that will be a commitment for her. I have undergone an open heart surgery for a replacement of a dead valve. I am okay now, healthwise. My query is as below. I would like to continue to stay in Kuwait for two more years.

Can my son sponsor me for 2 years and if so what are the formalities. Please let me know the legal implication for my query.

Name withheld

Answer:Yes, your son can sponsor not only you but your wife also but the procedure is different. Sponsorship of parents as dependents is a little more difficult than sponsorship of wife of children because such a sponsorship is decided on a case by case basis by the head of the Immigration Department in your area. You have to present your case well, in a way that it is evident that your parents need you to look after them.

Your case will be a little easier, comparatively, because of your presence in Kuwait, as it only involves a transfer from one residence to another.

If the Immigration Department in your area rejects your application, you can approach the Director General of Immigration who sits in the Directorate General of Immigration in Dajeej. The only thing different here will be the residence charges as your son will have to pay KD 200 per year for each parent.

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