Sunday , December 16 2018

Some websites giving outdated information on dependent visa

I am working in Kuwait in a private sector in oil and gas construction and having a salary of KD 350 basic (KD 500 per month, 10 hours duty). Now I am planning to bring my wife with dependent visa, tell me is it possible with my current salary? Because I checked with MoIKuwait website which is given like minimum KD 250 is enough to get dependent visa for spouse, and some other websites like visit-Kuwait showing quite different like this website showing KD 450 required to get dependent visa. So please answer me for this issue? Your comments will be most valued for me.

Name withheld

Answer: You need a minimum monthly salary of KD 450 to be able to sponsor your wife on dependent visa. The KD 250 figure you are quoting from the website of the Ministry of Interior is definitely outdated and must be ignored.


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