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Wednesday , February 26 2020

Some SMEs complain about hike in number of people at ‘Sadiq Center’

‘15 employees to carry out 5,000 transactions’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 20: A group of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) entrepreneurs have complained about the increase in the number of people catered by the Sadiq Center after they were merged with the representatives of companies following the shortage of working staff, reports Al-Qabas daily
The entrepreneurs told the daily the recent transfer of specialized personnel to other centers has contributed to widening the gap between them and the new employees, in addition to a shortage of staff, saying 15 employees are left to look into about 5,000 files because 35 of the employees out of the 50 have been moved to the headquarters. T

hey pointed out that the process of merging representatives of companies or projects with the owners of business in the Sadiq Center has failed to shorten the queue, since representatives need to begin work from 6 am to distribute numbers because after the work begins at 8:00 am no visitor will be given a number.

Sources told the daily the entrepreneurs were surprised by the recent step taken by the Public Authority for Manpower to transfer all SMEs to the Sadiq Center after it was distributed among delegates and entrepreneurs at the Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Al-Sadiq centers.

They called the decision unfair, since the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Center has been identified to serve major companies only. They suggested that if the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) continues to decide on the status of Mubarak Al-Kabeer for certain companies and leave the rest of the projects and entrepreneurs in the care of the Sadiq Center it must divert the files to the provinces so that the services can be provided at those centers instead of solely at the Sadiq Center.

They added the labor force should link with the Public Institute for Social Security to eliminate 90% of the documentary work of transactions that exhaust employers and maintain projects supporting the local economy by issuing more regulatory decisions that protect rights.

They pointed out that PAM is almost absent from following the affairs of the entrepreneurs and the way of bringing in workers from abroad, especially from some Arab and Asian countries, which oblige the owner of the small project to honor various conditions, the most important of which is the payment of a year’s salary and a return ticket to the employee. Entrepreneurs have pointed out that the step of merging the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) with PAM may have a negative impact on entrepreneurs’ actions and support their own labor, as the documentary cycle will be unclear and can change.

The entrepreneurs were surprised by the employees’ claim at the Sadiq Center that the system is disrupted every Thursday and therefore they do not receive transactions. The entrepreneurs has called on the Public Authority for Manpower to tighten laws against owners of some small projects who have taken advantage of the decision to allow them five commercial licenses to bring a lot of labor without real need.

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