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Thursday , October 6 2022

Some pharmacies suffer from Panadol shortage

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‘Medicine available in very few health stores at same price’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: Despite the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health and its employees in the face of the repercussions of the COVID- 19 pandemic, which has been going on for nearly a year and a half, there are obstacles that stand in the way of health teams, nursing bodies and medical care recipients, as some pharmacies in the private sector and health centers are currently suffering from a shortage of Panadol. Panadol is a medication used in many cases to treat fever, symptoms of cold and flu, headache, arthritis, muscle pain, and back, neck, shoulder, teeth and mouth problems, reports Al-Qabas daily. Even though the ministry’s success in vaccinating about 100,000 people per day with Pfizer and Oxford vaccines is evidence of its success in its plans to reach the required societal immunity, this success on the other hand calls for an increase in the demand for Panadol medicine by the vaccinated people.

This is because some of the vaccinated people show accompanying symptoms after receiving the first or second doses of the vaccines, which requires taking some analgesics, most notably Panadol. However, its presence in the pharmacies of some primary health care centers has reduced compared to the previous periods, which has resulted in the distribution of alternative medicines to patients and clients of those facilities. The daily toured several private pharmacies, and the scarcity of Panadol in most of them for various reasons seemed remarkable. The medicine is available in very few pharmacies and at the same price as before, which is approximately KD 1. With the increase in the number of vaccinated people in the recent period and the corresponding increase in the rates of people who suffer from the symptoms associated with the vaccine doses, many people who are about to vaccinate are wondering about medical alternatives in the event that Panadol continues to be scarce in health centers and pharmacies in general.

In this context, the Consultant of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at Wara Hospital Dr Ghanem Al-Salem stressed that there are large numbers of vaccinated people who do not feel any side effects after taking the COVID-19 vaccines. He indicated that, in case the vaccinated people experience high temperatures, headache or nausea, it is advised to take Panadol or its alternatives in the absence of its availability. Dr Al-Salem affirmed that the alternatives to Panadol that the Ministry of Health provides for those vaccinated or other patients are no less efficient or of lesser quality than Panadol. He explained that there are other alternatives for people who show symptoms after receiving vaccinations, such as drinking plenty of fl uids, using cold compresses on the head and under the armpits, relaxing the muscles, and not being exposed to the sun. The symptoms usually last between a few hours and 48 hours in most cases. He called on those whose symptoms exceed normal periods to visit the nearest health center or consult a specialist doctor.

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