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Wednesday , October 20 2021

‘Some ministries suffering due to absenteeism among employees’

SAB accuses PACI of public fund wastage

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 6: The new organizational structure of the public sector will have no place in any of the ministries or state institutions for employees who do not work hard, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a governmental source. He affirmed that the government will find work for the employees who do not have enough work, indicating that some departments have plenty of work but few employees while some others have plenty of employees but less work.

The source revealed that some ministries suffer due to the phenomenon of absenteeism among employees of the departments with lots of work such as the Ministries Complex, adding that such employees usually request for transfer to departments with less work. He stressed that this crisis cannot be dealt with in any way other than a wide restructuring with the aim of fair distribution of employees among various departments and sectors.

Meanwhile, Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has destroyed 92,264 smart cards worth KD 219,000 in cost of production, because they were produced in error, reports Al-Rai daily quoting from a report released by the State Audit Bureau. According to the report, it is inevitable for PACI to devise a mechanism through which it can minimize the rate of errors in the process of production in order to preserve public funds.

It revealed the authority sent some employees for a training course prior to completing the procedures for signing an agreement worth KD 2,300 with an institute. The report accused PACI of wrongly paying money to some employees because their attendance records via the fingerprint attendance system could not be verified. It also reportedly granted some employees supervisory job titles without securing approval from the Civil Service Commission.

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