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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Some educational zones suffer greatly from teachers’ resignation

MoE resorts to open door to hire new Kuwaiti male, female teachers

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 21: Educational sources disclosed a high rate of resignation among English language teachers in the government schools, saying some educational zones suffer greatly from this phenomenon, reports Al-Jaridah daily.

The daily quoting sources added the ministry is beginning to feel the existence of a problem because of the large number of resignations, prompting concerned authorities in the sector to study the reasons and try to find appropriate solutions to them.

They pointed out that the resignations involved both Kuwaiti and expatriates teachers, as some of them – especially those with post graduate qualifications such as masters and doctorate, resign to seek greener pastures, in some private colleges and universities.

This indicates that teachers prefer to teach in universities and colleges due to higher financial incentives and privileges offered them compared to what the Ministry of Education provides. “Some expatriates submitted their resignations as a result of obtaining better financial offers and benefits from other Gulf countries, which attract them to work in their education institutions, as the local conditions rendered them to search for better job opportunities somewhere else”, noted the sources.

They reiterated the ministry recently resorted to open the door to hire new Kuwaiti male and female teachers to compensate for the shortage of English language teachers, while interviews are currently underway to recruit new teachers in this major, pointing out that the outputs of the teaching colleges in Kuwait University and Public Authority for Applied Education and Training are contributing to compensate for this shortage.

Also, “the arrival of teachers contracted externally from Palestine and Jordan also compensated for the number of resignations in this regard, and those teachers started their work in schools which contributed to reduce the shares and reduce the burden on their colleagues”, concluded the sources.

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