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Single mom wants to sponsor kids on dependent visa

I have been working in a private clinic for 13 years. I have 7-month-old twin babies with visit visa here in Kuwait. My basic salary is KD 520 but in my work permit it is KD 400 only. Possible to change their visit visas to dependent visa? I don’t have husband here in Kuwait. I am single parent and my babies are all under my name.

If ever I will resign can you please help me how to calculate my indemnity? I joined from April 2004 to present, because my employer told me he will calculate my first salary since I joined in his clinic. In that time my basic salary was KD 130 only. If he will do that to whom I will ask/complain to the Shoun?

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your babies’ visit visa to dependent visa because under Kuwait Law it is only the men who can sponsor a child on a dependent visa.

In addition even if you were a man you could not sponsor the twins since the salary on your work permit is KD 400 which is below the KD 450 minimum required to sponsor someone on a dependent visa.

The indemnity is calculated on the last earned remuneration which here means, (salary + allowances) and bonuses paid regularly.

Your boss will be going against the Labour Law if he insists on calculating your indemnity on your first earned basic salary. In that scenario, your will have to file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Department in your area and seek redress.

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