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Singer absolved in defamation suit

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: The Criminal Court acquitted artist Khaled Al-Mulla who was accused of insulting citizens and degrading the judiciary in a television interview. A lawyer had submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecution against the artist Khaled Al-Mulla and a satellite channel for allegedly insulting the Kuwaiti people and the judiciary during an interview broadcasted by the channel. In his complaint, the lawyer explained that he was surprised that the defendant offended the Kuwaiti people, including the complainant as he is one of the Kuwaiti people who were described as “stupid” during a live broadcast. The program was not interrupted or prevented from continuing to offend the Kuwaiti people through the program.

In addition, even a judge was offended by using derogatory words. He said, “By looking at those words uttered by the defendant that are offensive to the Kuwaiti people and the judiciary, which he repeated several times insistently, and then defended his opinion on air and in front of all viewers in Kuwait and the whole world, it is clear that the crew of the program are also considered as accomplices as they did not cut the program and stop it despite the gravity of the words and abuse, or prevented him from continuing to offend the Kuwaiti people”. By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff