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Shorin-Ryu Int’l Seibukan Karate-Do Kuwait holds successful Competition and grading test

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Photo taken during the Shorin-Ryu International Seibukan Karate-Dc competition and grading test.

International Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Seibukan Karate Do-Kuwait proudly announced the successful competition and grading test which was conducted on May 17, at Indian Public School, Salmiya.

The competition and grading were supervised by Sensei Mani Pappu – the chief instructor and assisted by co-instructors Ronsen Roy, Mohammed Omar Ali & Manu Adams. Five students from Salmiya Dojo – (Joe Alex James, Tisha Rebecca Jacob, Emily Mariam Benny, Emmanuel Benny & Marvel Fernandes) and thirteen students from Abbasiya Dojo – (Ajith Suresh Nair, Jayden Varghese George, Omanakuttan Nair, Parvathi V. Nair, Ashlin Mathew, Vicky Yashwa. A, Vivek Subhash Nair, Rohith Subash Nair, Jessel Samuel Joy, Sanjay Binu John, Andrew Anil George, Abin Simon Joseph & Jose Zacharia), Qualified for the Black Belt Shodan grading.

The successful candidates were awarded Shodan certificates.

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