Monday , September 24 2018

Shaim shows class in Festival

A winner receives a trophy from an official

The camel Shaim owned by Mansour Al-Ajmi won the cup of the Camel Racing Festival, after finishing first in the four-kilometer race. The camel Shayal owned by Sultan Shafi took second place and the camel Al-Raked owned by Mansour Al-Azmi came third. The British Ambassador to Kuwait Matthew Lodge and Treasurer of the Kuwait Camel Club Abdullah Al-Mutairi handed the cup over to Mansour Al-Ajmi. Meanwhile, in the five-kilometer race of second setting, the camel Al-Amdali owned by Mansour Khamees came first.

The camel Lahza also owned by Mansour Khamees won in the third setting, while the camel Mebalesh owned by Shinar Al-Hajri won in the fourth setting. In the fifth setting, the camel Habiba owned by Abdulhadi Al-Ajmi came first. The camel Raghad owned by Shinar Al-Hajri won in the seventh setting. The eighth and ninth settings were won by the camel Sa’aee owned by Muhammad Al-Mazrou’een and the camel Sawgha owned by Shinar Al-Hajri respectively. The camel Letam owned by Hadi Al-Hajri won the tenth setting while the camel Sheba owned by Abdullah Al-Hajri came first in the 11th setting

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