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Severe shortage of workers; Hotel salaries increase

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 21: The restaurant and hotel sector is suffering from a severe shortage of workers, including those in delivery services, due to the suspension of recruitment from abroad for a number of service sectors, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily obtained a copy of the governmental report that showed a decrease in the number of workers in accommodation and food services from March 2020 and March 2021 when the total of workers reached 8,641.

Head of the Restaurants Association Fahd Al-Arbash confirmed that “restaurant owners have been unable to operate properly due to the suspension of the recruitment of foreign workers and scarcity of specialized workers with experience such as cooks, bakers, sweets makers and others.” Al-Arbash said the available workers in the local labor market is not specialized in restaurant operations and it is not easy to train them to join the food industry. He added the salaries of workers in catering services have more than doubled due to the lack of workers; such that a cleaner in a restaurant now receives KD300 salary compared to KD150 in the past, while those specialized in the restaurant sector are now paid KD1,000 compared to KD400 in the past.

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