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Several MPs could lose immunity automatically

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 3: Several members of the National Assembly who are accused of taking part in the so-called primaries before the Parliament elections which were organized by some tribes are facing the possibility of their parliamentary immunity being automatically lifted based on the requests of the Public Prosecution in light of the failure of the Parliament to decide on the issue, amid expectations that the legal time limit of 30 days will expire from the date the request was referred. Informed sources warned that in the event these MPs lose their immunity, the cases in question based on the verdicts issued may lose their seat in the Parliament, which opens the door for the possibility of holding by-elections in some constituencies to fill their seats.

Recently, the Legislative Affairs Committee referred a report to the National Assembly not to agree to lift the immunity of MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa on the issue of participating in by-elections, calling it a malicious complaint, despite the defendant’s admission and all documentary evidence including video recording to prove that he took part in the by-election.

The committee considered in its report that what the Public Prosecution relied on in its accusation was merely the officer’s investigations of the incident, no other evidence was submitted to support the charge, and there was no material evidence except for what was mentioned in the investigator’s investigations in the form of tweets on Twitter.

The sources added, what confirms the maliciousness of the prosecution and its lack of seriousness is that the Ministry of Interior does not carry out its duty, starting with preventing the by-elections — according to its claim — because it is aware of the date and the preparations that have been made for organizing such primaries, as well as the name of the candidate from that particular tribe since the primaries are organized to choose one candidate and protect the votes from being split among members. It is noteworthy to make a mention that at least 20 MPs in the current Parliament were the product of by elections.

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