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Several Kuwaitis are living as refugees in different countries’

KUWAIT CITY, June 2: Diplomatic sources disclosed that many Kuwaitis are living as refugees or seeking asylum in several countries, reports Al- Rai daily. The same sources said relevant authorities have been investigating the issue to determine local and external factors that caused those citizens to live as refugees or seek asylum in other countries, noting a recent review of citizens’ travel records revealed that many of them have been staying abroad for years.

Sources considered it strange that a Kuwaiti citizen would avoid his homeland for such a long period without feeling nostalgic. They noted the number of abandoned under-construction houses or buildings completed and left vacant for a long period verify the owners are not living in Kuwait.

They stressed the importance of differentiating between citizens living in Arab countries that allow Kuwaitis to stay for an indefinite period, and citizens living in countries such as Britain that do not grant Kuwaitis stay above six months due to strict rules and regulations preventing foreigners to settle there.

Sources reiterated the implementation of the new electronic passport will help determine the number of citizens living permanently abroad

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