Several experts slam Assembly’s Negative Phenomena Committee – Panel will pave way for extremist ideologies: Hayat

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: A number of liberals and political activists have rejected the presence of a Negative Phenomena Committee in the National Assembly, insisting that Kuwait is a constitutional state and not a religious one, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Professor of Political Science at Kuwait University Dr Shamlan Al-Essa described such a committee as a shameful blemish on Kuwaiti democracy. He stressed that the Kuwaiti Constitution guarantees personal freedom and freedom of speech, insisting that no minister or MP has the right to attack the freedom of citizens.

Dr Al-Essa said the fight against the spread of drugs requires security actions that should have nothing to do with limiting the privacy of citizens.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of Kuwait Liberal Movement (KLM) Eman Hayat rejected the new parliamentary committee, pointing out the fact that expatriates of different faiths live in Kuwait.

She stressed that such a committee will pave way for extremist ideologies and will eventually help extremists and terrorists transform Kuwait into a backward country, adding that Kuwait society is quite mature and does not need guardians.

Furthermore, astronomer and political enthusiast Dr Adel Al-Sa’adoun said the Kuwaiti society practices responsible freedom and the laws control the entire society, which is basically conservative in nature.

In addition, media practitioner Aisha Al-Rasheed wondered why Kuwait is following the Afghan model and why the government is giving up its authority for willingly to that committee. She revealed that one of the members of that committee is still in the international list of terrorists, indicating that the committee is seeking to turn Kuwait over to “Taleban”.

Al-Rasheed enquired about the reason behind the concept of establishing a committee for confronting negative phenomena when the laws of Kuwait guarantee protection of the society from illegal activities.

She stressed that the real negative phenomenon in the society is the members of the committee who need to be confronted especially since they are the same people who organized the shameful protest in front of the Russian Embassy.

Al-Rasheed said the present Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah is in approval of the committee because the Kuwaiti society is laden with negative phenomena and trends especially the widespread availability of drugs in schools.

She asked the minister who is responsible for this problem and who allowed drugs to enter and thrive in the society, indicating that not a single major drug trader has yet been sentenced to death.

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