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‘Settle telephone bill by Sept 24 or face disconnection’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 10: Ministry of Services (formerly Ministry of Communication) has called on subscribers to settle their telephone bills to avoid disconnection, reports Al-Anba daily. In a statement Wednesday, the ministry said it’ll activate in the course of the month (September) the automatic disconnection of telephone service to subscribers of landline defaulting payment. It added the disconnection of telephone service will be preceded by SMS to notify defaulters, followed by another warning message to concerned telephone lines on 17th of the month.

Statement noted any subscriber who fails to settle his/her bill by Sunday, Sept 24, will have their telephone service disconnected, indicating the automated disconnection will apply on services having outstanding dues of over KD 50 for residential phones and KD 100 and above for commercial phones. It also said the telephone lines will be disconnected if the subscriber fails or delays in paying the monthly installments of telephone services for six months. Subscribers can pay their telephone bills on the ministry’s official website or government’s official portal. They can also inquire about their telephone accounts via hotline 123

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