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Wednesday , October 20 2021

Service duration for transferring residence to new company

I came to Kuwait about 2 months ago. I got my iqama (visa 18) one month ago. I am now on probation with the company. Meanwhile, I have got a good offer from some other organization. Please confirm the duration I have to spend before I can move to another organization. I am a university degree holder. I need your opinion on this.

Name withheld

Answer: If you were brought to Kuwait by the sponsor on whose residence you are now, then you are duty-bound to serve him for three years before you can leave for another sponsor. However, after serving a minimum of one year, if the sponsor so desires, he can give you a release to join another company of your choice. The issue of your being a university degree holder is only relevant when you are hired locally and in which case you can change a sponsor at any point in time.


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