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Security restriction must be imposed on people having ‘extremist views’ – Step aims to protect society from criminal acts

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 17: The security authorities should use their powers enshrined in the law to impose security restrictions on anyone proven to have extremist views; which are expressed verbally, in writing or by showing support for these ideas — whether through the media or various means of social communication, says MP Abdul Rahman Al-Jeeran. He explained this step aims to protect society from the criminal acts of extremists, indicating the concerned authorities should have a dialogue with these people within the framework of the moderation project. He said the authorities must give these people advice, enlighten them on the correct teachings of Islam, and ensure they move away from fanaticism and extremism.

In another development, MP Abdul Hameed Dashti submitted a proposal to amend the Domestic Labor Law. In the explanatory note, he said Paragraph Three of Article Two of law number 68/ 2015 states that the owners of domestic labor recruitment offices should hold a high school diploma or higher as one of the conditions for obtaining a license to hire workers from abroad. He argued this condition is against the principles of equality, justice and freedom as per articles Seven, Eight and 29 of the Constitution.

He recommended an amended version of the paragraph as follows: “The owners of domestic labor recruitment offices should be physically fit and have no disability that could hinder their work.” He pointed out the nature of the work of domestic labor recruitment offices does not necessitate high academic degrees, because it is just a commercial activity carried out in accordance with the rules of a free economy. He argued the requirement for owners of domestic labor recruitment offices to hold a high school diploma or higher contravenes the principles of justice and equality, especially for those who have been operating such offices legally for many years.

Meanwhile, the Educational Affairs Committee discussed Thursday the Electronic Media Draft Law and its members agreed to hold a meeting on Sunday with the concerned media bodies that will participate in finalizing the bill for approval.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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