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‘Sea pirates loot fishermen inside Kuwait territorial waters’

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Robbers have weapons, they shoot at our trawlers

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4: The head of the Kuwaiti Federation of Fishermen, Dhaher Al-Suwayan, stressed on the importance of eliminating piracy and theft inside Kuwait’s territorial waters, praising at the same time the efforts exerted by the Coast Guard, “who continue day and night to protect Kuwait’s territorial waters, and the Kuwaiti army’s efforts to protect Kuwait’s swallow borders,” reports Al-Qabas daily. He pointed out that “the gangs infiltrate our territorial waters to steal the equipment and the catch.”

Al-Suwayan added that the Fishermen’s Union “is in constant contact with the Coast Guard and the Kuwaiti army to solve this issue from its roots, especially since our waters belong to us and are under the control of the Kuwaiti army, according to Amiri Decree No. 317/2014, but unfortunately these pirates are increasing and has mastered the art of infiltrate and escape.” Al-Suwayan added five Kuwaiti fishing trawlers were robbed in one day the day before yesterday, which means that the problem is exacerbating and requires severe control on these outlaws. He explained that “the looting process continues daily at the rate of two and three incidents per day until the number of incidents exceeded 80 so far this year.”

He explained that “the robbers have weapons, they shoot at the trawlers, they force the fishing crews to stop, and they steal the fishing equipment, mobile phones, and all the fish and the personal belongings. The owners of fishing licenses have suffered heavy losses, especially since there are survivors who have been robbed several times during this month.

This makes it difficult to reequip it again with equipment.” Al-Suwayan said that “the marine gangs will affect the continuation of the fishing profession, especially since the fishing workers, who fear some of them for their lives plan to leaving work.” He pointed out that “these incidents threaten the fishermen and they fear continuation of work due to the inability to provide an security.”

He stressed the need to find solutions to this problem, calling for more protection points by the Kuwaiti army at sea in order to protect the fishermen, so that they can continue to fish and provide food security. He expressed the fishermen’s hopes to come true for a quick solution to this problem, pointing out that “the pirate issue threatens the survival of the fishermen.” There is a need to coordinate with all Gulf and neighboring countries to eliminate these pirates who infiltrate from some neighboring countries.”

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