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School Holidays

I would like to take your advice on the school vacation schedules. There is an Indian school which gives very less summer holidays (2 months) compared to other schools (3 months) in Kuwait. This school also operates until 3:00 pm and still the holidays are less. While this point is raised to management an official confirmation came stating the holiday plan is done with approval from MoE and this is allowed for ‘A’ grade schools in Kuwait.

I would like to know:

1. Is there any grading system for schools by MoE;

2. Is there any exceptions for these schools in terms of holidays schedule;

3. Are they allowed to operate the school even in peak summer (August);

4. Are schools allowed to operate during Ramadan fasting time?

Name withheld

Answer: All private schools in Kuwait came under the supervision of the Private Education Department of the Ministry of Education (MoE). We do not have any reason to believe that any private school in Kuwait can unilaterally take a decision that affects students without first seeking the input and permission of the Ministry of Education.

We are therefore tempted to side with the school management’s contention that the holiday plan and school duration have been done with the approval of the Private Education Department of Ministry of Education.

Having said this, we advise that to make assurance doubly sure, you can seek clarity from the Private Education Department on what bothers your mind with regard to the actions of the said school.

Grading system for schools is practiced in many countries and Kuwait is not an exception. To the best of our knowledge we are not aware of any laws that specifically say schools should operate or not operate in peak summer or during Ramadan.


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