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Thursday , January 23 2020

Saudi court ordered Saudi defendants to tender apology for seven days to Kuwaiti poet Al-Fahad

Journalist defamed by fictitious account

KUWAIT CITY, June 16: The Saudi Penal Court in Riyadh ordered two Saudis to apologize to the Kuwaiti poet Saud Al-Fahad on Twitter for seven consecutive days upon restoring his media and intellectual right of the poetry “Harb al-ba’eed yuwahid al-saffiya Hamoud … Bas al-belad ya Hamoud harb al-quraba” (Oh Hamoud, long war unifies the position … But, Hamoud, civil war is among kinsmen).

The court also ordered each of the defendants to post an apology on their Twitter handles for seven days after they were fined and detained. The lawsuit filed by Lawyer Faleh Al-Suba’e on behalf of the plaintiff indicated the Saudis stripped him of the right to the poem, and subjected him to attacks and insults on social media. The court agreed that the former only tried to steal Al-Fahad’s works to take over the copyright in a manner that could have distorted his poetic, intellectual and media history within the Gulf region.

Journalist Sara Al-Noumis has filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department (the Department of Electronic Investigation) accusing one of the fictitious accounts in Twitter of defaming her name and accusing her of fraud, reports Al-Rai daily. She told the daily, “I am surprised by (the behavior of) some of the people who make charges against others without any evidence. I am accused of fraud by a fictional account in Twitter, which has spread rumors that would lead to imprisonment and a fine in a case I do not know.” Police are looking into the complaint

By Jaber Al-Hamoud

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