Salmiya Sports Club trains young players to excel

Some of the young players pose with a trainer after training session.

Assistant Treasurer and Head of Squash and Tennis in Salmiya Sports Club Jawad Al-Ghareeb affirmed that the club’s strategy for the coming stages aims at preparing young and amateur players of various sports especially tennis and squash, due to the importance of these two sports in achieving best results for the club and the national teams.

In a press statement, Al-Ghareeb indicated that the training club is considered as a school for preparing and producing tennis champions for over 40 years including the children of Al-Hassan in the fields of tennis and squash.

He explained that the club’s board, headed by Sheikh Turki Al-Yousef, gives special attention to all sports irrespective of whether they are team sports or individual ones. The promising young men and women register at the club at a young age and grow up to become champions in various sports fields such as, football, tennis and squash.

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