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Salmiya Club win Korean Amb Taekwondo Champ’ship – Nady Al Fatah B top female category

Winners and officials on podium.
Winners and officials on podium.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: S. Korean Ambassador’s 1st GCC Open Championship concluded recently in Qadisiya Club that was organized by Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Kuwait. Kukkiwon (Korean Taekwondo demonstration team) participated in the championship by giving a demonstration Taekwondo show. The championship resulted in Salmiya Club coming in the 1st place, followed by Defense Minister’s team, while Qadisiya Club came 3rd. In female category, “Nady Al Fatah B” team came in 1st place followed by “Nady Al Fatah A” team.

Korean Ambassador HE Shin Boonam said in a statement to “Al-Rai” on the sidelines of the event that he is glad for organizing the 1st Open GCC Taekwondo Championship, and expressed his hope the championship to be held annually in the future.

At the beginning of the event, Korean Ambassador greeted the audience first saying “Assalamo Alaikum”, then he welcomed the former president of Taekwondo & Judo Federation Sheikh Khalifa Al-Abdullah Al-Jaber, founder of the game in Kuwait, and head of sports bodies in the Sports Public Authroity Khalifa Al- Tararwa, Deputy president of Taekwondo Federation Zeyab Al Khrinij.

The Korean Ambassador expressed his happiness over launching of the championship, considering it as a historical event. He mentioned that Taekwondo is a Korean martial arts sport kept developing through history and taught Koreans many skills, not only physical ones, adding that what is special about Taekwondo that it focuses on mental skills, self-restraint, harmony and respecting the other.

Ambassador said he thinks that the high spirits Taekwondo represents was the pushing force behind Korea’s development through strengthening and unifying the people in good and difficult times, and Taekwondo became an international sport by now, and in 1994 it was considered an official sport by the International Olympic Committee.

He saw that the current championship is a new opportunity to spread the game through the world. The Ambassador explained that the diplomatic relations between Korea and Kuwait was established in 1979, and this year is the 36th anniversary for diplomatic relations establishment between the two countries.

He added that the special ties between the two countries were strengthened by the official visit of the Korean President Park Geun-hye in last March, as this visit took the bilateral and cultural ties to a new era, and Taekwondo can play a big role in enhancing friendly relations.

He also said that holding the championship is the symbol for the tight ties between both people and Korean people and GCC countries’ peoples.  He thanked the Korean Demonstration team for coming from Korea to Kuwait to give the show, mentioning that it gave demonstration shows in more than 120 countries in order to spread Korean culture.

He also thanked everyone participated and supported holding the championship and gave financial support to organize it. From his part, Sheikh Khalifa Al Abdullah thanked The Korean Ambassador for holding this important championship in Kuwait, and referred that he introduced Taekwondo to Kuwait more than 25 years ago, and he used to be keen on holding about 3 open championships in each season. Sheikh Khalifa explained that anyone works on organizing championships; he is working on developing the game. Dr Walid Sarab, member of Kuwaiti Taekwondo Federation board members said things went smoothly according to the plan, drawing thanks to the championship organizers that will be reflected positively to the game in Kuwait. From her part, Deputy Manager of “Al Fatah Club” Fadela Al Shuwailan confirmed that participation of 11 female players in the championship is considered a big benefit to them and will lead to raising the technical level for the players.

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