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Salary on work permit is creating issue for dependent visa

I’m working in a company as a structural supervisor in Kuwait from April 14, 2016. As per my contract (1 year) my monthly salary is KD 515 (10 hours) but on my work permit it has been mentioned as only KD 351 (8 hours).

Due to this salary difference on my work permit I’m facing a problem in applying for dependent visas for my wife & children.

As you are aware the officials recently revised the salary limit from KD 250 to KD 450 for the dependent visa.

Is it possible to change my salary on the work permit? When can it change… during my contract renewal (after 1 year) or in between or after some time period?

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately you can only change the salary mentioned on your work permit when you are either transferring the residence or renewing it. Although there is no law which says you can’t make the changes before that, the officials at the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor don’t allow these changes. So, in your case also you have to wait until either the renewal or transfer of your residence. There is no other way out of this situation.

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