Salary below KD 450 – Wife on dependent visa want to bring child to Kuwait

My salary below KD 450. My wife in Kuwait on dependent visa. Can I take my child to Kuwait on dependent visa? Kindly reply me.

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Answer: If your wife is already with you in Kuwait on dependent visa, you will have no problem in getting a visa for child. Note that the KD 450 salary cap does not have retroactive effect but only applies to new applicants who want to sponsor their families on dependent visas.

I am living in Kuwait with my family. I am the sponsor for family. I am getting KD 400 (Work Permit) and my 3-month baby came with visit visa. I want to transfer to family visa is it possible to transfer visit visa to family visa?

Name withheld

Answer: Since your family is already here in Kuwait under your sponsorship, you will have no difficulty in converting your baby’s visa to a family visa. We must however clarify that under current Kuwait laws, visit visas cannot be converted to dependent visas except for infants (two years and under).



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