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Salary cap for stamping residence of new born in Kuwait

My husband and I are earning less than KD 450 and I will deliver my baby here in Kuwait this January, so my questions are: Is there a salary cap for applying for a visa for my baby under the new law 2016 while we are both under Visa 18. If we can’t make a visa for my baby, what will happen?

Name withheld


The above question and the one following were dealt with last week but our attention was drawn to the inaccuracies found in the answers given. We are therefore repeating the questions to cure the inaccuracies pointed out. Since you and your husband are on Visa 18, the salary cap of KD 450 is applicable to your husband as he is the one legally permitted to sponsor your child. Under the new residency law you and your husband cannot club your salary to satisfy the KD 450 cap. In this case it is only the Director-General of Immigration who can take decision on the issue. We wish you the best of luck.

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