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Thursday , April 25 2019

Salary below 450 KD – Dependent visa for child if wife on dependent visa

I want to ask about dependent visa for my child. My salary is below 450.000. My wife is here with me in Kuwait on dependent visa. Last time I read your post in Legal Clinic is it possible to get dependent visa for child if wife is on dependent visa but I submitted all the documents to apply for a new visa they rejected because of salary problem. So kindly send your valuable opinion about child visa. Thanks.

Name withheld

Answer: We maintain that if your wife is already here on dependent visa it is possible to sponsor your child also on dependent visa if your salary is below the salary cap. Having said this we must admit that the officer at the Immigration Department who deals with your application makes the determination as to whether to approve or reject the application. The officer here is however not the final arbiter and you can ask to see a more senior officer to put your case across to him and if you are lucky your application can be reconsidered.



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  1. latestsiddiqui

    The Simple answer to Your Question is You need WASTA pay some money to kuwaiti and your are good to go.

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