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Safa Al Hashem to PM “Allowing Expats to return contradicts your statement on reversing demography”

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What is the logic behind this to allow entry of 5,000 expats of only one country without health insurance?

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1: MP Safa Al Hashem expressed surprise at the decision to open doors for expats to return back to Kuwait in the current corona pandemic crisis.

Earlier Prime Minister had stated about change in demography, MP Safa Al Hashem said “The message to you, Prime Minister, is that two months ago, you said that the next challenge for Kuwait is to reflect on demographic change which will be 70% for Kuwaitis and 30% for expatriates, and that the total population of Kuwait is currently 4 million and 800,000 people, which includes 1 million and 450,000 Kuwaitis which is 30% of the entire population, and expats are 3 million and 350,000, which is 70%, which represents a major imbalance in the demographics, needs difficult decisions to amend it. These are your words, where is the implementation ? Your mechanisms that you talked about ?.

Al-Hashem added that we are still in a pandemic time. On a daily basis we are having cases not less than 600 infections. What is the logic behind this to allow entry of 5,000 expats of only one country, and what is the rationale for that?

Al-Hashem further added that she might understand this if this decision was to open for doctors, engineers, Ministry of Health or any other service ministry needs, but a random opening for everyone without requiring corona health insurance as well?!. It is so illogical, the Minister of Health declares one thing and the government decides something else.

Al-Hashem said, “It is totally unacceptable to endanger the lives of Kuwaitis in their home by deciding to open the door wide to expats without any health requirements, Prime Minister .” She added “We gave you all the help and support, Prime Minister, since you started and with the Corona crisis, but if it becomes evident to us that your decision to open airlines is inconsistent with the Minister of Health  talking about a new wave, you will strike us from the Corona.”

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