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SAB recommends special fund for handling future crises

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KUWAIT CITY, April 27: The State Audit Bureau (SAB) has called on the National Assembly to study the possibility of creating a special fund for dealing with emergencies in the country in the future in order to manage crises, and that it should be funded annually from state revenues to facilitate the disbursement procedures without affecting the state’s general budget and the annual plan, reports Al-Anba daily. According to informed sources, the State Audit Bureau mentioned in its report that the National Assembly assigned it to examine all governmental expenditures and procedures for the use of funds allocated to confront the COVID-19 crisis, and to provide recommendations. The most prominent of the recommendations was the need to take all necessary legal measures regarding the bureau’s observations, whether contained in the aforementioned report or all the reports.

During the annual meeting regarding the expenses of the COVID-19 crisis, the State Audit Bureau called for the need to reconsider the previously- issued legislation to confront disasters and crises, and to benefit from the experiences and information gained through the management of the current COVID-19 pandemic. This would including developing general plans and policies for managing crises and disasters, harnessing the capabilities available in the state, creating a supreme committee to manage contracts to deal with any future crisis and get out of it with the least amount of risks and costs, and develop them in the future in line with the actual reality of the state.

The State Audit Bureau called for activating joint purchase agreements for government agencies in order to provide similar basic needs among agencies, such as medicines, medical supplies and others, and for establishing and supporting local industries and products of primary medical supplies and food items in accordance with international standards. It recommended reconsidering the regulations related to relying on the meetings of the procurement committees through modern means of communication in order to avoid preventing them from convening, and thus solely making decisions without the participation of the largest number of decision makers. The bureau stressed the need to continue holding meetings remotely between supervisory agencies and government agencies, and between governmental entities because of their importance in facilitating procedures, reducing the red tapes and tightening supervision

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