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Rude taxi driver

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I am an expatriate in Kuwait and have been here for almost 9 years. Most of the time when I am going somewhere I ride a taxi to safely reach my destination, especially when I am going to work. I am staying in Salmiya and my job site is in Dajeej, Farwaniya.

Once, when I was going to work and riding a taxi, the taxi driver did not use his meter. When I reached my destination and paid him KD 1.500 he asked me in a rude manner why I had only paid him that amount. I told him I am paying the same amount all the time (since I am using a taxi everyday going to work).

The taxi driver said he wanted more because he said we traveled one hour, the truth is we only traveled from Salmiya to Dajeejin only 35 minutes. Now my question is: in such cases whom should we approach to report this kind of behavior of taxi drivers? The taxi drivers should ask for money in a proper way and not scream and yell at the passengers for an additional 500 fils.

Name withheld
Answer: Please remember that you can easily take such taxi drivers to task by filing a complaint against them with the Kuwait Traffic Department, through the Ministry of Interior. The procedure is simply…first go to the Ministry of Interior website http://www.moi.gov.kw/portal/ven glish/ and after that go to “contact us” where you can lodge a complaint on the form provided by the ministry. While filing a complaint you will have to give all the details, including your name, e-mail, and phone number. You should give details of your problem, plus the taxi number etc. The ministry will then contact you and take action on the complaint.

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