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Rights should be demanded by peaceful means not street protests, say bedoun

Bedoun holding placards at a gathering.

KUWAIT CITY, July 17: The issue of the illegal residents or the socalled bedoun is filled with suspicious activities because there are some people who want to exploit their cause and benefit even at the expense and the suffering of this denomination of people, reports Al-Rai daily.

This is because a large number of bedoun reject what is actually happening and have strongly resented the rush by some vested interests to make gains at their expense and portray them as a rebel category and outlaws. They say their fear to express their views publicly and rejecting what “a few who seem to have special goals and objectives attempt to twist the issue.”

In a separate statement to the daily, they expressed their fear of being subjected to a suspicious campaign of insult and betrayal. They preferred not to comment or mention their names, but did not hide their concern about the wrongful practices of demonstrators who take to the streets and issue threats. The focuses of illegal gatherings, which are difficult to control, discredit Kuwait abroad.

As for one group of the bedoun who are the majority, and who believe in the fairness of their position on the one hand and the seriousness of the government action in dealing with their situation on the other, remain calm, while the second group seeks to ignite crises and inflame the situation to make undue gains.

They have violated the law and this called for the intervention of the Ministry of Interior, which has referred a number of them to the Prosecution, which confirms that there are special agendas and goals that exceed the rights of the bedoun which is rejected by a majority.

They say demonstrations on the pretext of claiming their rights are unacceptable, and are forbidden as Sharia scholars issued a fatwa. They say “the rights should be demanded by peaceful means and not by going out to the street, or illegal gatherings that may involve people who want to gain from the cause, and this is what happens in the case of the bedoun where we find people who lead the scene on the pretext of rights, but in fact they have other goals.”

Bedoun remanded
The Public Prosecution ordered remand of 12 Bedoun to complete investigations after they underwent 16- hour questioning on charges of illegal gathering, calling and inciting others to gather, and misuse of mobile phone, says Al-Seyassah.

All 12 Bedouns were arraigned before the prosecution on several charges such as spreading false news, joining a group which calls for toppling the system of the country, calling for violence and offending friendly countries.

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