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Sunday , January 26 2020

Rights of Nurse working in Private Clinic – Salary not paid on time

I would like to ask about the rights of nurses working in Kuwait’s private clinics. I’ve been working in Kuwait for almost 9 months now as a derma nurse in one of the private clinics in Maidan Hawally.

I was hired in the Philippines by an agency in October 2015.

Since I have started here they are giving the salary late and now it has come to the point that there is almost a one month delay in the payment.

We have still not received the July salary.

The situation at the clinic does not seem to be stable as it is struggling to get patients. We signed a 2-year contract in the Philippines that stated we would get our annual leave pay every year and free ticket after completing the 2-year contract.

My question is if the clinic closes and the management is unable to pay the pending salaries where should we go for help and can we ask for a release even if we don’t complete 1 year with the company.

Is it still our right to receive annual leave pay since we have already completed more than 9 months with them?

Name withheld

Answer: Please remember that it is your right to receive the monthly salary by the 7th of each month.

If the clinic closes, you have the right to file a case against the company with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (through the Labor Office in your area) to get all your pending salaries.

In such cases, the Ministry allows the terminated employees to transfer to another firm.

You also have the right to receive both the annual leave pay plus indemnity for whatever period you have served if your services are terminated.

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