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Review legal loopholes to curb spread of drugs menace and eliminate it

‘Drug addict wrecks fabric of family, society’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 25: The Future of Nation Movement organized a seminar titled, “Narcotic menace and its risks on the country and the society”, where speakers affirmed that the entire society is victim of drugs abuse and not only the drug addict.

They stressed “there are legal loopholes that need to be reviewed to enable concerned agencies to curb the menace and eliminate it. Speaking at the seminar, officer from the antinarcotics authority Major Muhammad Al-Aridhi explained that the narcotic menace is a global issue that shakes every society and nation in the world, and Kuwait and its youths are among the targeted caliber.

Major Al-Aridhi mentioned that the devastation of drugs does not affect the user only, but its repercussions extend to those around them, the State and the society. He mentioned one of the major factors of drugs consumption is curiosity, which is at its peak among the youths, in addition to bad choice of friends, and the existence of narcotic peddlers in society.

“The Anti-Narcotics Authority targets to curb these types of calibers, whether the consumer or a friend who is prone to indulge in narcotics, and there are stringent security operations against anyone who attempts to smuggle drugs into the country to sell or to consume”, he explained.

In her role, attorney Adhraa Al-Refae indicated that Kuwait has stipulated good legislation in the addiction and narcotic frame, although those legislation need to be reviewed in a manner that would deter others, such as publicizing the names of those who have been found guilty by the court, and to call a drug addict sick person who needs medical intervention and follow-up.

Attorney Al-Refae pointed out that the law deals with the drug addicts in a wrong manner, as it acquits those charged twice then they are sent to jail the third time, and this is not the way of dealing with a sick person. Head of the agency that caters for the welfare of those who have repented from using drugs in the Bashair Al-Kheir Charity Organization, Ahmad Saqer Al-Bassam, indicated that his welfare has organized several religious workshops for those who are attempting to quit drugs.

Chairperson of the Future of Nation Movement Mishael Al-Hajiri indicated the movement has clear objectives as part of the specific vision that leads towards the main objective, which is to participate in the national building by providing whatever possible- as regards ideas, initiations and activities to achieve Kuwait’s objective of bright future.

By Fares Al-Abdan Al-Seyassah Staff

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