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Reverting back on Private Visa

I came to Kuwait on private company visa and changed again to another private company visa. Later I joined company on project visa. Now I have an opportunity to join a private firm, so is there any legal issues for this transfer. Waiting for the valuable information from your side.

Name withheld

Answer: Since your first time entry to Kuwait was on private company visa, you can always revert to the private company visa when you transfer to a project visa. This is how it is supposed to be but there are instances where such transfers are rejected on the narrow interpretation of the law which states that some transfers can only be made within the same visa category and not outside it. Such narrow interpretation does not take into consideration the original visa type one first entered the country with for the first time. This distinction is very important and we are sure that any officer who is aware of this will not question your right to transfer back to company visa from project visa.

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