Friday , September 21 2018

Response by embassy slammed – Kuwaitis recount terror moments

The injuries caused

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: Kuwaitis who were attacked and threatened in Sarajevo about three weeks ago, have expressed their astonishment at the lack of follow-up by the Kuwaiti embassy in Bosnia, although the attack and the threat included more than 18 members of the family.

The victims, who have since returned to Kuwait, told the daily, two families comprising 18 members lived in two homes adjoining each other in Sarajevo and talked about the details of the attack and the moments of terror the family experienced until they willingly returned home.

They said, a masked man stormed into the house from the window of the kitchen and dealt a sharp blow to the head of the victim and fled. “The rest of the family rushed to the victim, head of the family, who was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. They were immediately able to transfer him to a private hospital amidst the atmosphere of terror and panic experienced by children and women without any help or assistance from anyone.

They said: “The injured was transferred from the private hospital to a public hospital and the investigations were conducted immediately. We went to the general hospital which started treating the citizen. “We lived in moments of terror and tried from the very first moment to provide security for our families. We hired a security company to provide us with two armed men who guarded the house where we were staying from 4 pm until the next morning at our own expense. They explained they filed a complaint with the police, which began an investigation into the case without any assistance from anyone, only days after our return to the country.

They added: “More than four days after our return, we were contacted by a Foreign Ministry official who started to follow up on the case.” They complained no one from the Kuwaiti Embassy in Sarajevo came to their rescue. They said the case is still pending with the police.

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