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Wednesday , April 21 2021

Resigning and joining new company, but will be jobless for a month

I have the following question. I have been appointed by a prestigious company in Kuwait. My last working day would be Dec 31, 2019 after 3 months notice period. As per the company rule I cannot start working before my residency is transferred in their name. They say it will take till end of January 2020 only after which I can join the company. My question is that I will be jobless during this one month period so legally speaking should I be compensated for this one month by the new company as the delay is from their side.

Name withheld

Answer: You have a choice to either accept or reject the company policy. The issue of compensation doesn’t arise here because during the period within which you consider yourself to be jobless, you can’t have any demands on the new company since in legal speak your contractual rights and obligations have not kicked in within that interim period. You will be stretching your luck to an absurd level if in spite of the company offering you a job in these difficult times, you go ahead to ask them to compensate you for doing no work for them.

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