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Residents decry rising prices of food commodities in Ramadan – Authorities urged to monitor market, control traders

KUWAIT CITY, May 23: A large number of citizens and expatriates expressed their objection concerning the rising prices of food commodities especially prior and during the holy month of Ramadan. They held traders responsible for this trend, stressing that these traders increase the prices in order to take advantage of customers’ high demand for food commodities during this month.

A Kuwaiti citizen Hadi Al-Ali said the prices have been increased so high lately that one liter of cooking oil now costs KD 1.400 instead of KD 0.800. The price of rice has also been increased by 30 percent. He urged the concerned authorities to monitor the market and control traders who have been increasing the prices of commodities randomly.

Lamenting that the prices of essential food commodities are increasing uncontrollably, a citizen Ali Al-Demairi explained that the price of one packet of 10 frozen chickens has been increased to KD 10.500 from KD 8. One kilogram of meat now costs KD 3.250 instead of KD 3.

The price of frozen minced meat has been increased by about 20 percent. One kilogram of potatoes costs 350 fils instead of 250 fils, one kilogram of fresh beans 900 fils instead of 700 fils and one kilogram of lemon 990 fils instead of 600 fils. Umm Alai said the prices of spices have increased at least by 10 percent.

Umm Jamal lamented that the high costs of commodities affect only families with low and limited incomes like hers. She revealed that white cheese used to cost 800 fils but now it has been increased to KD 1.250, adding that the price of olives has also been increased from 750 fils to 900 fils per kilogram.

A Kuwaiti citizen Abu Shafi complained that he was shocked to discover the prices of fruits have been raised by about 50 percent. One kilogram of red apple, which used to cost 550 fils per kilogram, now costs 895 fils.

He wondered why the concerned authorities are not observing the market and controlling such hikes in the prices of food commodities. Mohammad Ghunaim said a small box of bananas which used to cost KD 1.750 now costs KD 2.500. Indicating that he wonders what role the legislative power is playing to confront these rising food prices, he revealed that food commodities cost lesser in Saudi Arabia than in Kuwait.

He added that some Kuwaiti citizens travel to Saudi Arabia with the sole purpose of buying their food needs in bulk. Jamal Saad wondered why food commodities do not cost lesser during Ramadan, as people are fasting and do not eat much. He lamented about the increase in the prices of juices in the recent period.

Meanwhile, Abu Abdullah, who is the manager of a cooperative society, stressed that cooperative societies are forced to increase the prices of the commodities because the supplier companies increase their prices.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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