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Residencies to be renewed of 46% of teachers stuck outside Kuwait; 54% of them in various specialties

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 11: Recently published educational reports reveal that 46 percent of teachers whose residencies have expired and are stuck outside the country and cannot be dispensed with, due to which their residency permits must be renewed, reports Al-Qabas daily. The report revealed that 54 percent of them are in various specialties and can be dispensed with, stressing that the total number of faculty members whose residencies have expired due to the difficulty in returning to Kuwait because of COVID-19 pandemic is 693 teachers in various disciplines.

The report was prepared by the Public Education Sector based on the data received from the educational zones and the Administrative Affairs Sector. It was submitted to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for information and guidance.

The report explained that there are 321 male and female teachers in 12 specialties who are needed and cannot be dispensed with due to which their residencies must be renewed. However, 372 teachers can be dispensed with, as there are Kuwaitis and children of Kuwaiti women who can replace those teachers as they are of the same specializations.

Therefore, it has been suggested not to renew the residencies of those teachers. The report carried a list of the names of the faculty members who could not be dispensed with, along with their specializations and data. It includes 19 teachers specialized in biology, 35 in physical education, 19 in musical education, four in geology, 16 in art and design, 91 in Mathematics, 28 in science and 17 teachers in the subject of philosophy.

Also, there are six teachers in physics, 24 in chemistry, 53 in the English language, 7 in the French language, and technical mentors for music education and English. This brings the total number of teachers who cannot be dispensed with to 234 male and 87 female teachers.

As for the teachers who can be dispensed with in about 22 subjects, the report indicated that their numbers amount to 51 teachers in Islamic education, 4 in social studies, 3 in biology, 4 in history, 28 in physical education, and 31 teachers for music education.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education Affairs Osama Al-Sultan suggested not renewing 34 computer teachers’ residencies that had expired outside the country as well as of four teachers in physical education, three in psychology, five in philosophy, 12 in science, one in decoration, four in chemistry and physics, and 17 teachers in electricity.

He also demanded not to renew the residency permits of 34 female teachers in the English language, 113 male and female teachers in the Arabic language, three teachers in the French language, technical mentors in Islamic education, and a librarian, bringing the total of dispensable teachers to 252 teachers including 120 female teachers.

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