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Residence renewal for 60 and above very soon

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 14: The Director of the Public Authority for Manpower was handed over suspension orders for issuing an illegal decision  which was against Civil Service Law by the Minister of Commerce for prohibiting non graduate expats renewal of residence permit who were 60 yrs of age and above. The suspension was made at the request of the Fatwa Department and legislation. 

Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Abdullah Al-Salman

The decision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, to suspend the director of the Manpower Department, Ahmed Al-Mousa, opens the door for Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman  if he wishes to assign Al-Mousa’s deputy to carry out the work as the general manager, reports Al Anba. In this event when Deputy Director General is appointed he automatically becomes legally entitled to withdraw the decision of ban on renewal of work permit for non graduate expats who are 60 yrs and above, this will open the block placed on the system for residence renewal who are in Kuwait. Atomizing the system for renewal of residence is not related to issuing of new residence permits for those expats who are 60 and above.

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