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Thursday , January 23 2020

Residence for New Born questions

Me and my wife have been working in Kuwait for 8 years and we are holding visa Article 18 (work permit). My wife’s salary is KD 500 and mine is KD 250. We recently had a baby in Kuwait but we are having problems getting a visa for our son?

Name withheld

Answer: You are facing this problem because you don’t meet the salary requirement of KD 450 and couples are now — after the latest decision — not allowed to club their salaries. The only alternative you have is to give an application to the head of the Immigration Department. He has the authority to approve visas in such cases.

I am working for a private sector company. My salary is KD 250. My wife is on my dependent visa. We are expecting a baby in May 2017 to be delivered here in Kuwait. What rules will apply for my baby to get residence. I am worried if the new KD 450 rule is applied. Please tell me current status rule of new born baby residence.

Name withheld

Answer: You will not have a problem in applying for a residence permit for your baby since your wife is already on your dependent visa. The KD 450 salary cap rule which came into effect on Oct 12, 2016 is not applied retroactively.

These questions are regarding a married couple, a Spaniard and a Canadian, currently living in Kuwait. On your website, http://www. arabtimesonline.com/news/residence- new-born/, it’s stated that Civil IDs of both parents are some of the documents required to obtain a residence for a newborn. Is it possible to obtain a newborn’s residency with the father having a civil ID and the mother on a visit visa? The husband’s contract may finish shortly after the baby is born. Is it possible for parents to give birth to their child in Kuwait and then travel out of Kuwait with their newborn having a passport but no residency?

Name withheld

Answer: You can’t get residence for your child unless both the parents are residents in Kuwait. And yes, the wife can deliver in Kuwait while on a visit visa and if you can’t get residence for the baby, you will have to take the child out of the country within 60 days of its birth after getting permission from the Immigration Department.

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