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‘Report on doctors jailed incorrect’

KUWAIT CITY, May 15: The Egyptian consulate in Kuwait explained that news item published about the imprisonment of three Egyptian doctors for causing the death of a sick woman by mistake is inaccurate and contradicts the truth, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a statement, the consulate said the First Instance Court issued its ruling on Case No. 172045950 and acquitted the two Egyptian doctors of all charges attributed to them, and suspended the six months imprisonment sentence against an Arab doctor after signing a pledge and settling 500 bail. The consulate said the court on April 23 sentenced a doctor in absentia to one year in prison for the same lawsuit.

Bedoun stabbed son: The young bedoun who was accused of killing a Kuwaiti and stabbing the man’s son had denied the first charge but admitted to stabbing the man’s son, reports Al-Anba daily. The bedoun accused the man, who was in his 50s, of attempting to rape him but denied killing him. A security source said they have found traces of blood in the car of the suspect which may belong to the victim. However, a Forensic report is expected to solve the mystery. Earlier it was reported a 25-year-old Kuwaiti citizen was arrested for killing his neighbor and stabbing his son twice in the neck and once in his hand in Oyoun. The suspect was arrested after he had fl ed the scene of the crime and the son was taken to the nearest hospital in critical condition for treatment. Interrogations revealed the man was killed over ongoing disputes.

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