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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Replacing expats employees with Kuwaitis (Kuwaitization)

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KUWAIT CITY: The Interior Ministry has conducted an extensive study on replacing expatriate employees with citizens (Kuwaitization) in some of its departments, especially in traffic and immigration departments, for security reasons, says an official source from the ministry.

According to the source, the Kuwaitization move came after widespread incidents of forgery and manipulations by non-Kuwaiti employees in vital departments.

He explained the concerned security bodies have toughened scrutiny of all transactions and stamps, particularly after the discovery of a huge quantity of fake stamps.

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  1. I am an expat worker (Brit) in Kuwait. The reason I am here is because there are few Kuwaitis who can do my job. If the company I work for can employ a Kuwaiti to do my job then I will, of course, leave. It is my view, however, that the bulk of expats in this country are here to do jobs that Kuwaitis could do, but do not want to do. These might be road sweepers, garbage collectors, janitors, clerks, shop assistants, supermarket cashiers, tea-boys, waiters in restaurants, petrol pump assistants, and many, many more such skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled jobs. However, the employers of the expats would not necessarily wish to employ Kuwaitis because how many Kuwaitis would want to work for the small salaries most of these expats earn? I would love to see Kuwaitis more broadly spread in the workplace, with the only reason for expats being here to fill jobs being that there simply aren’t enough Kuwaitis to fill all the jobs in this vibrant economy. But for that to happen a huge shift in the mind-set of Kuwaitis will be needed, and an acceptance of higher cost of living due to the higher cost of a Kuwaiti’s salary. I hope to see this one day.