Wednesday , January 23 2019

Renewal of family visa when sponsor changes company

I am working in a private organisation in the Banking sector. On my work permit designation is Accountant with salary of KD 250. My wife and daughter already have a valid residence on my sponsorship. So I planned to change my company and another company is offering me salary KD 400. So my question is if I change my company to another company can I get easily renewal of my wife and daughter’s resident permit.

Name withheld

Answer: We don’t think you will have any problems in renewing the residences of your wife and daughter if you change your current company. Since your wife and daughter are under your sponsorship even though you are earning KD 250 per month, this means that you brought your family to Kuwait when the KD 450 per month requirement was not in forced. Since the law in forced now is not applied retroactively, you can continue renewing their visas even though you don’t meet the salary cap.


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