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Renewal of baby’s residence – Salary cap below 450 KD

1. My salary is KD 250. In May I need to renew my baby’s visa. She was born in Kuwait. Will we be able to renew her residence.

2. My wife was working in Kuwait University from Feb 2011 to 2016 March. After that she resigned and joined some other place during the notice period. The university admin team told us she was eligible for 55 days leave salary settlement, which was almost KD 1,100.

We cleared all the paperwork but we haven’t got anything till now. Now they tell us the ministry has stopped this settlement for leave. Is it true? If its not, what can we do?

Name withheld

Answer: First of all, on the issue of renewal of your baby’s residence, you will not face any difficulty because the decision of increasing the salary cap for dependent visas to KD 450 does not affect expatriates who are already on dependent residence.

So, just go to the Immigration Department in your area and apply for the renewal of your baby’s residence. You won’t face any difficulty. On the issue of leave salary, we believe that what you have been told is just hearsay so don’t believe in it.

Your wife must approach the university administration directly and ask for the payment. The university has to make the payment because any other step would be in violation of the Kuwait Labor Law and in such a case you can, only if needed, file a complaint with the Labor Office in your area. As things stand, however, we feel that you will not have to resort to any such action as the university will make the full payment… unless the payment has been stopped for some other reason.

The only hitch that we see is that you joined any company during the notice period. If you got the university permission to do so, then there should be no problems but if you did so without the permission of the university then the university has the right to deduct money for the uncompleted part of the notice period.

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