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Release for New comers to Kuwait – Private sector

Query 1: I am from India working with a private company in Kuwait for the past 8 months. If i find a better opportunity can i resign and join the new company after my notice period, as i believe there would be release issues in 8 months.

Query 2: Some states that minimum release period is one year as my certificates are verified and attested by ministry of external affairs and state government secretary, instead of two years. Please clarify same.

Name withheld

Answer: If you were brought to Kuwait by your current company the labour law demands that you must work three years for the company you qualify to apply for a release. If the sponsor has no objection you could be let go before the three-year duration but not before you spend at least one year with the company. The one-year minimum release period is applicable if you are a local-hire. Indeed if you have an attested university degree you can ask for a release at any point in time if you have been hired locally.


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