Friday , September 21 2018

Release for Govt Project Visa

Since 2006, I have been working in Kuwait for private sector firms. I worked 5 years in one company in Kuwait and in 2011 (September) I got a release from them . Now I completed four years with my second company. Again I want to get a release so that I can join another company but I am unable to get this release because my visa is of a government project.

Please advise me whether I can get a release or should I wait until this is allowed by the concerned ministry.

Recently I read in the Arab Times that the ministry already allowed such transfers but I am not quite sure.

Please help me.

Name withheld
Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t get a release under the present circumstances and will have to wait for any amnesty granted — on the subject — by the government. What you read in the Arab Times was unrelated to this issue and focused on those expatriates whose companies files had been closed under articles 71 and 72 and they could not transfer their residence.

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