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Release for Article 18 visa

I have been working as a physiotherapist in a home care center since 17- 07-2012. From 17-07-2012 to 09-11-2014 I was on an Article 20 visa for domestics (2.4 years). From 11-11-2014 onwards my visa was changed to an Article 18 visa — work permit (6 months). I am also a MOH license holder. I am planning to get a release on or before 10-11-2015. Am I eligible for a release? If my company refuses to release me what should I do to get a release? Is it a problem that I stayed and worked on an Article 20 visa?

Name withheld

Answer: As you are a local transfer you will be eligible for a release as soon as you finish one year with the company and you can’t be stopped from transferring to another firm. If the company refuses to give you a release you can file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, through the Labor Office in your area and the transfer will be sanctioned. But please remember that you were wrong to have worked while on Article 20 but since you rectified your situation some time back you will not be penalized for this violation.

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