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Sunday , September 25 2022

Release for 8 suspects in fraud case rejected – Victims give testimonies

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 27: The Public Prosecution continues its investigation in the case of the Kuwaiti inmate who is accused of impersonating members of the ruling family and other personalities, and has rejected the requests for the release of any of the eight suspects in the case while the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Interior continues to collect information and evidences on those involved in the issue, reports Al-Qabas daily.

A famous businesswoman and social media women have given their testimonies saying the main suspect lured them with real estate offers and then stole their money.

However, the authorities are looking into the reasons for colluding with the suspect, who was running his ‘empire’ from inside the prison. A source familiar with the Al-Qabas said the Fashionistas and celebrities and businesswomen were summoned to identify their relationship with the suspect.

The source revealed that one of the Fashionistas confirmed that her relationship with the accused did not go further than buying a watch (a global brand), noting that she did not participate with him in money laundering and does not know him at all, and that her bank balance does not exceed 100 thousand dinars.

Another, a well-known businesswoman, who was also summoned, she was given expensive watches including the type she was wearing, which is being sought by the security authorities because it is part of the money laundering racket.

The businesswoman said during investigation the suspect ‘took’ one million dinars from her after he deluded her to buy what she needed, especially since he kept his promise more than once before doing the disappearing act.

Earlier it was reported nine people are involved in cases of fraud, money laundering, and other cases. Of the nine – four are Kuwaitis, two Egyptians and one Indian – who have been arrested and detained for interrogation by order of the Public Prosecutor while two others – a Kuwaiti and a Syrian – are still at large (abroad) and presumably their movements are being monitored and are expected to be taken into custody upon their return to the country.

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