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Relatives of patients continue to beat-up doctors in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, July 28: It is regretting to see a doctor being treated instead of him treating the people. It is sad to see the painful reality after repeated assaults on doctors. Just 42 hours after the attack on a doctor at the Jaber Al-Ahmad health center, two Kuwaitis attacked two doctors at the Jahra hospital, yesterday morning, in two separate incidents, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The first incident took place when the son of sick father asked the doctor to examine his father quickly and started to assault him when he was told to wait for a while until he examines other patients. It is reported this doctor was admitted for medical treatment.

The second incident was the assault by a Kuwaiti on another doctor just because he insisted that he should be examined without waiting for his turn and the doctor demanded that he abide by the rules.

The sources stressed on the need to speed up the adoption of tougher penalties for those who assault the doctors, especially after amendments made by the Ministry of Health and the Kuwait Medical Association which calls for punishment for anyone who assaults a doctor or his assistant to a 3 years imprisonment and 5 thousand dinars fine, and 6 months imprisonment and 1,000 dinars fine for those who abuse by words or actions. The penalties in the current law are six months in prison or a fine of up to 500 dinars for those convicted of assaulting a doctor on duty.

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