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Saturday , February 29 2020

Real estate authorization prevents housewives from receiving salaries

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: Several Kuwaiti housewives have discovered that the real estate authorization they signed is irrevocable and prevents them from receiving due salaries in case they are without jobs or pension, and they can not benefit from social allowance paid by the Ministry of Social Affairs, reports Al-Rai daily. Among the requirements for a salary is to obtain clearance from the real estate log proving that the applicant does not own a house or property but a number of housewives signing the real estate authorization discovered that they still own houses only after their salaries were suspended.

Some housewives previously bought houses or parts of houses (quarter or one sixth of a house) and later sold their shares but the process was not recorded officially.

Some housewives sold their shares by signing authorizations that could not be revoked by the buyer in order to reassure payment before handing over the property after completion of the payment.

The authorization, once signed, could not be revoked by the owner in order to protect the buyer.

However, some buyers did not complete the registration procedure as per regulations stated in the contract, and the housewives later discovered that houses are still registered under their names.

As a result, they do not fulfill the conditions for receiving housewife salaries. Those affected have called on HH the Prime Minister to help find a solution to their problem.

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