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Saturday , February 22 2020

Rationalize of water usage

KUWAIT CITY, March 8 : The Environment Public Authority (EPA) is set to launch a national project to rationalize consumption of water in Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily. The project will include all public facilities in ministries and government agencies as well as mosques, schools, and hospitals and medical centers.

It will involve the installation of meters for rationalizing water consumption and provide the necessary maintenance as well as conduct studies to compare the consumption rate on monthly basis following the installation of the meters with the rate registered in the previous periods.

The project is expected to ensure great success in rationalizing water consumption. This project is in line with the strategy of EPA for conservation and rationalization of water, and is based on application of the second chapter of environment protection Law No. 2/2014 amended by Law No. 99/2015 along with its bylaws. It also confirms the role of EPA concerning everything related to preservation of the environment, ensuring sustainable development and protection of water sources of all kinds.

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